3 medical conditions to report to the DVLA

Did you know that there are three medical conditions that can be reported to the DVLA online? There are a number of other conditions that also must be reported to the DVLA. However these have to be done via post.

If you fail to report these medical conditions to the DVLA you can face a fine of £1000.

At present, you can only go online to report the following three medical conditions on the GOV.UK site:

  •  diabetes
  •  epilepsy
  •  a condition that affects your vision

    You’ll need to enter details about your current driving licence and your condition. You may also have to provide your GP’s name and address.

    Before you are able to report a medical condition you’ll need to create a secure digital identity which you can do with us, SecureIdentity. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes using our app and your smartphone. It can be used to access other government services online. You’ll have to go through the Verify service which is described here.

    Click here for more information on how to create your secure digital identity.