Claiming for redundancy and monies owed explained

What do you do if your employer goes bust?

We’ve got some helpful advice for you, if you are facing the worrying prospect of not being paid because your employer has gone out of business.

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3 medical conditions to report to the DVLA

Did you know that there are three medical conditions that can be reported to the DVLA online? There are a number of other conditions that also must be reported to the DVLA.

If you fail to report these medical conditions to the DVLA you can face a fine of £1000.

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A quick guide to car rental abroad

Here’s our quick guide to car rental abroad and the new Drivers Summary document that more and more car rental companies will be asking you for when you rent in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

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Car rental abroad without a counterfoil

The government has made the driving licence counterpart obsolete. It’s been replaced with the driving summary. Now the real impact of the change is becoming apparent, especially when you want to car rental in the UK or abroad.

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Help your friends or family with their tax affairs

Tax returns and other government services have gone digital, which can be daunting for some people, especially the elderly, disabled, infirm or vulnerable who may be reluctant to go online themselves.

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How to save money with company car tax bands

An environmentally friendly company car fleet will reduce the negative impact on the planet and reduce your tax bill as new company car tax bands are introduced.

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More secure, less complicated: Say hello to the new breed of online ID

SecureIdentity is one of the new breed of online ID services, but what makes it different from what’s gone before?

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It’s taken 20 years to create SecureIdentity for GOV.UK Verify

Barclays, Paypal, The Post Office, Experian: these are just some of the household names available to you when you need to choose a certified supplier and access the services you need on GOV.U

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